Instagram Course Part 1

Welcome to your Presets!

We’re so excited to start developing your editing career here. Let us tell you, this social media is the king towards engagement, presence, trust and popularity. If your account looks as flawless as we are going to teach you then followers will start coming daily with you having to not worry about anything else than enjoying life and sharing who you are or what your company does.

But First, we need you to download Adobe LightRoom App for your phone (Free for Android or iPhone) You can also download it for iPad, Tablet or Computer but the idea is using the less time possible to edit the most amount of pictures and saving yourself trouble!


How does LightRoom works? 

LR is an Adobe app that they offer for free, inside you have a subscription but this is not needed at all! People purchase presets where all the settings are changed already so you just have to copy the preset and paste it into your picture. This saves a lot of time to each person out there! Your picture just becomes awesome in seconds. Now, each preset is done for a type of picture, that means that a night preset will probably not look good on a day picture, but we recommend you to try it either way!


Let’s introduce the presets first!. You should have them already in your Email. Presets are pictures saved in a DNG package, that means they save the settings from Lightroom app that they were edited with.

Let’s meet your first Presets!

Red Dragon (Day Version)

This preset is perfect for place with Red backgrounds, red clothing or red Details during nice Light hours of the day.

Down here you have multiple examples of how it would look once added.

Red Dragon (Night Version)

Incredible for places with LED Lights, streets with illuminated signs, strong red colours and multiple other choices like the examples. This one can transform your pic completely!

Dominican Republic

This one is quite a versatile one, it turns water into a magical turquoise blue and is perfect for Daytime Images, from beach to buildings and landscaping, try this one in all the pictures you want a nice orange/blue mood!

Soft Carbon

Perfect for those Black Profile Lovers, Cinematic Gotham Dark Style and passionate about beautiful dark environments, can give an interesting approach to daylight pictures. Try them with multiple pictures and see what works best!


This one is close to Red Dragon, but more specific towards buildings and places like the pictures below. It also creates a nice ambient and add more clarity to the human muscles and details.

And last but not least…


This preset is beautiful for animals, it makes them full of life and shows the beauty of them.

This is probably the most complex of the presets as it also shows too many saturated colours.

In the picture you can appreciate it a place we love to find more presets, even though this 5 are unique for our customers, you can always visit Crella.Net and get packages of simple presets for 1US$ to 20US$. Remember: Do not expect a cheap preset to be as multipurpose as ours!




Once you have chosen your preset, we strongly recommend you to Tweak it to find your perfect style. Let us explain how to add them first!

Download our DNG File pictures and once you have it, press on them and open it with LightRoom, this will bring you to the editing option of the picture itself.

If you don’t know where your pictures are in Lightroom, just press the 3 books on the upper left corner, next to the home symbol. (Picture on the right)

The front Home page has also tons of tutorials and help from other artists so you can keep growing in knowledge.

Those 3 books give you access to your pictures, at the bottom right corner you can see a blue icon with an Image and a + and a camera, press the +image to import any photo from your gallery.

Once your picture is imported into LightRoom you just have to go back to the pictures we gave you, choose the
one you like to get the settings and find the 3 dots on the upper right corner, this will bring you to the options of the picture.

The third option will say Copy Settings, press on it and accept all the settings to copy clicking on the ”V” By default it will copy the profile, light, color, effects, details and Optics.


Now still inside Lightroom go back to the picture you want to edit and press the 3 dots once again, but this time choose ”Paste Settings”

Done! You just learned how to apply a Preset into your pictures! Now… Does it look good? It might not look as incredible as you wanted, this means you have to tweak it, we let you here our recommended videos to lear all about it!


LightRoom Tutorial for Beginners



Now that you know way more about editing, are you ready to learn about it?

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