Music Marketing Promo

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We know how hard the music Industry is, and specially for those who don’t have big record labels and the amount of fans and money to develop their whole career.

That is why we have a 5 star service on Fiverr to promote your music to 350.000 music fans, who are ready to listen to you!

Here you have some free articles from our director that might help you:


Getting Exposure for your music

Strategies to Release your Song

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Why is your IG/FB Engagement Dropping

That’s why we offer you different options to start moving your music with the best price possible and in ways that new fans will listen your music daily!

First send the music to our director: with the information from you and from the package you want to start working on, if your music gets approved we will study the market and the possibilities.

Releasing music monthly but having nobody to listen is a waste of your time and talent, each song should bring you to a new audience, to wider groups and be promoted in new place. Each song can be placed into ads, videogames, tv, series… and all the royalties go straight to you!!

We will teach you and guide you along the way, we can get you to all streaming platforms, VEVO and even MTV if you have the money for it!

So remember, send your music to asking for price and the idea you have and we will give you the best service done for your type of music, style, possibilities.