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”The Academy” it’s a project we have been working for quite some time, we mixed the best of our Marketing Experience, mixed with the best we learned at our Oxford Marketing Certification and their incredible Online Campus with the close approach and knowledge from some of our famous mentors. This course it’s unique, it gives you more than a certification and lots of knowledge, it gives you 2 months of training with a professional in Marketing so by the end of the course, your business idea is already fully created and ready to be launch. Some of our past clients were Musicians, Models, Influencers, Independent Businesses, Bank and Marketing Workers and even Medical professionals ready to step up their game.

Why should you do this course? 

To set a difference between you and any other business, if you are a Freelancer, a Professional, Business or just working for a company, the knowledge in this certification will open your mind to plenty of new possibilities. Marketing and Business it’s everywhere, why not being at the top of it and control the narrative?

As one of our best tools, we create Mind Maps to organise each of your projects and goals, and this course has a clear mind map that will help you understand all the value you get out of it, click on the link below to access the course Mind Map.

What do you study in this course?

Business, Marketing, Psychology, Brain training, Social Media Hacking… the course it’s so complete, that we decided to stop offering Module by module and give it all together, make sure you don’t stray from the path, we will go through it with you!

Get the Course Detailed General Mind Map here

Who teaches this course?

Our Director Fer Rivero has been always acclaimed for his methodic training and all the goals he achieved through the years, from a worldwide gymnastic position, his own physical stable business, appearing multiple times on TV, or his career in music. Fer Rivero’s income, network and net-worth keeps increasing and now, you can join the family and learn from him directly, he usually teaches 1 on 1 with people who travel to learn from him, with this method, you can learn from any place in the planet.

Need more info? Check our Director Fer Rivero explaining a bit more about the course.

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Please note this is a paid course, the knowledge and strategies in this course will give you marketing, psychology and other resources that can change your life forever.


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