A Captivating Collab by Mike Di Lorenzo feat Sonna Rele

“Lose Control” by Mike Di Lorenzo featuring Sonna Rele – A Captivating Collaboration.

“Lose Control” is the second single release from Mike Di Lorenzo’s highly anticipated album, “Play It Cool.” This track features the exceptional vocal talents of Sonna Rele, a world-class vocalist who adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the composition.

We had a sneak peak of the song and can ensure the incredible quality of it!

We know Mike Di Lorenzo’s music catalogue has always captivated the audience due to the infectious energy and emotion from each of his song’s first few seconds. The production quality is always top-notch, confirming the talent of this NY-based keyboardist/producer Mike Di Lorenzo showcasing his expertise in creating a polished and immersive sonic experience.

Now, “Loose Control” brings something new and fresh to the table, is clearly a masterpiece.

Like in previous collaborations between both artists, Sonna Rele’s vocals always soar effortlessly throughout the track, delivering a powerful and soulful performance. Her voice blends seamlessly with the instrumentation, creating a harmonious balance. The lyrics of “Lose Control” add a relatable and emotional dimension to the song while helping Sonna’s skills shine.

Mike’s most recent 2022 album “What We Need” which featured contemporary R&B artist Anna Moore, who can be heard on the title track and other songs along with world-class pop singer and media sensation Sonna Rele, Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Joel Kibble of the vocal group Take 6 along with exceptional contributions from vocalists Denise Stewart, CaiNo with Frank Elmo on saxophone. The album has consistently placed up to 4 tracks in the top ten Smooth Jazz Global Listener Countdown (the world’s only smooth jazz singles chart decided by listeners) including the title track sitting at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks.

The musical arrangements created by him are always carefully crafted and “Loose Control” is no exception, utilizing a blend of piano and Jazz organic elements, but keeping it more contemporary. The pulsating tempo, catchy melodies, and smooth chord progressions work together harmoniously, creating an infectious rhythm that will have you swinging around in no time. The song’s dynamic build-up and the well-placed kicks contribute to its overall impact, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression.

One aspect that stands out in all his singles and albums is the attention to detail in the production. Each element has its place, and the mix is balanced impeccably. The polished sound showcases Mike Di Lorenzo’s skill as a producer, and it enhances the overall listening experience.

“I was going for this Robert Glasper type track and decided to reach out to Sonna for this one, if this was something she would consider adding lyrics to and creating a melody on and she took control and came up with the amazing vocal performance on this soon to be released (05/19/2023) single Lose Control. It will also be included on our upcoming album available on 6/2/2023. She has an amazing ear and just an incredible musical voice.” – Says Mike.

On the other hand, Sonna Rele has been making big waves in the industry, the London-based extremely gifted pop singer/social media sensation has currently over 2 million followers on TikTok alone. She is well known for singing the theme song “Strong” in the 2015 Disney Movie “Cinderella”. 

“Lose Control” is a captivating collaboration that showcases the talents of both Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele. With its wonderful energy, impressive vocals, and polished production, this single sets high expectations for Mike Di Lorenzo’s upcoming album, “Play It Cool.”

Be sure to stay tuned for it’s release on May 19th, 2023.

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