Banana Biz solidifies his position as an unstoppable Artist

Consistency is the key to success and when we think about non-stop work, scheduled releases, career-defining hits and an ever-growing catalogue that keeps exploring and touching various of the related genres while still remaining in his place, when we think of somebody like that, we can only think of Banana Biz.

One thing to admire is how he plays with effects on voices, getting rap, drops and vocals to be fully included inside each song and making his progression during 2020-2022 more established, with a sound that syncs well into any playlist.

Now, his new EP titled “Magic” is elevating the game to a new level, including 3 songs “Versace Dreamz”, “What You Started” and “Do You Believe in Magic”.

This 3 unique songs explore a different vibe to what he has us accostumed to and to be fully honest, we’re so into it!

It feels like ”Magic” is on a quest to project futuristic thoughts with really unique approaches and a refined quality of details that are bringing bigger meaning into our lives and throughout music.

Our top favorite so far from 2021? “Versace Dreamz” and “Don’t Leave”!

“Versace Dreamz” brought us to a Hip Hop party, something fresh, catchy, repetitive (in a really nice way) and has that underground instrumental feeling that makes you move slowly.

“Don’t Leave” feels like an expansion and somehow a successful experiment when it comes to Banana Biz, starting to hook us to this song with that incredible guitar that gives so much depth!

“This feels Sexy!” – Says one of our team members

This is a great catalogue of songs that encourages everyone to let go of any sadness and let their feelings free, be moved and like us, obsess about it.

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