Camara’s talent shining on each line

Your parties are going to have a new flavour added to your mix, a old school vibe flavour! We can’t mention new music without talking about Camara’s new album feat Jauan. From his first song ”Crack on the Floor” a perfect intro that made us prepare for what was coming and that is gathering attention between fans in the genre to other great songs like ”I’m Out” or his Freestyles like ”The Genesis” and ”Getaway Driver” (that are quite mesmerising to listen to). All this songs are part of an album that Is going to mark his career to a positive great start.

We would like to point out how his music is written by him and that he has a store (with comics, rhymes and more material from himself) and you can find it right at this link:

With great flow and massive style blended with a perfect pronunciation and soothing voice he delivers a different rhythm to his audience, a unique type of sound that brings value to his catalogue.

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