Why do you need a brand? Social Validation

Up to this point, we recommend you to already have a video call with our director to start setting up your business idea. Now, why it’s so important to create a good image and a recognisable brand? Because you want something called Social Validation.

Social Validation

In its traditional definition, social validation is a psychological phenomenon where one or more passive individuals follow or conform to the actions of others within a group. In a psychological context, one or more people set an example of behaviour, and their experience leads a second group of one or more people to follow suit. (Full article in Forbes)

Social Validation is proof of who you are, when you search for a new phone online, you choose the company you like the most, just the name (Apple, Huawei, Samsung) gives you confidence in what you are purchasing, you already know the product is good, that’s what a brand it’s suppose to be. The way to get this loyalty and trust just with a name is what we will work on this area.

How to build up a credible social validation status? Let’s go through the steps to have a credible business. This lesson is taught as the beginning of most High Skills income classes (Jason Capital’s for example) Click here to download: How to have a Credible business

Let’s go step by step in this mind map:

  • Track Record

One of the things you look into a business or a person when you are going to hire them is their track record, this is basically their successful cases, positive or negative results they have, and even how long they have been inside the industry they are working at, this usually gives people higher confidence towards purchasing or hiring them. There is this good example about something called ”The Exchange Method”

Two men decided to give free pizza on the streets to promote their business, but there was no apparent reason for it as they didn’t say what they were trying to achieve, as natural for humans, nobody wanted to get the pizza as they mistrusted their purpose. One of them had an idea, offer pizza in exchange for a picture with them, suddenly people started getting pizza without no problem, this is called The Exchange Method.

How could you use it? Approach businesses and talk about what you offer to them, why they need your services and what do you want in exchange, or at least the purpose of your actions. Once they test your service, there will be higher chance of getting them under your wing. (A good way to connect with professionals and Business is Linkedin, we’ll see how to be at the top of it in Module 5)

  • Certainity

This one is pretty simple, talk with security, this is a skill you can practice by public speaking or by reading self improvement books.

  • Lawyer Speak

Simple, know the lingo, terms and relevant words.

  • Testimonials

This might be an important point to have, as word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing.

  • Visible industry

This means you have to be everywhere, people needs to see you doing and talking about your product, find it online, be easy to spot and be completely out there for them to find.

  • Google (SEO)

We will work on your google SEO on Module 5 in this course, as it can make a massive difference between you now, and your success.

  • Credentials

This is all the experience you can prove that you have, diplomas, certifications, it all helps gives security to your customers.

  • Authorship

Your name must be in everything you do, that way if somebody finds a pic or video, they must know is yours, this is your copyright, your brand, who you are and how to trace your work back to you.


As you can see Social Validation is everywhere, and as the internet evolved, we depend more and more on it before hiring somebody or purchasing from a company.