Life, Career, Goals

Goal setting might be the most important part in any project, having a good mind map and your goals is a basic requirement for anybody committed to success, but what usually makes people fail is not just having big goals, it’s not writing the steps towards achieving those goals.

Your life is limited only by you, you have been accepted in this program because we believe you can achieve way more than you imagine, for that your need to understand what really is each of this 3 words: LIFE, CAREER, GOALS.

  • Life

Your life is the biggest word of this 3, but all the time in your life it’s impossible to use towards your goals, you need to sleep, eat, go to the toilet, care about your health etc… This means you have around 12 years of total freedom, counting all the useful hours and putting them together. This video might help you understand how short life is.

  • Career

Your career is the time you spend inside your life, dedicating it to your dreams and to earn the minimum needs for your survival (money, house, food…) If from 12 years you dedicate yourself to something you do not like, at the end of your life you won’t feel well with yourself, you will have regrets and your career would have not been the best inside the massive range of career possibilities this century offers.

  • Goals

Your goals or objectives are what can give meaning to our lives and direction to our careers. Is proven that a person without goals has a bigger tendency to end up feeling lost, depressed and have issues about their lives and happiness, while people with big goals have bigger tendency to improve their lives and wake up with higher levels of dopamine (happiness)

This video will help you set up your goals in a way we can define a process towards achieving them:


Knowing this 3 words, we have some homework for you, commonly we use an app called ASANA ( we want you to subscribe inside the app, create a list and add all your goals (It’s completely free)

  1. Remember to be Specific in your goals, vague goals have no possibilities in the future.
  2. Ask yourself if your goals are way too big or almost impossible (Example: Living on Space)
  3. Are you surrounded by the right people?

Psychology and science both have proven that to achieve big goals you must be surrounding yourself with 5 people with the same interest and bigger knowledge than you. Do you have those 5 people already in your mind? Should you spend longer time with somebody you still don’t know?

In our Video-call we will talk about this and our Director will help you set the right goals and the steps to achieve them using Asana. Remember the app can be used either on Computer, Android or iPhone.