”Current State” by Story Time sounds completely unique!

A song that changes in unexpected ways, evolving and delivering a different array of emotions, from an angelical introduction that hooks the listener from the first seconds to an electronic chorus that blends perfectly in!

How can such different genres be combined and sound incredible? Well, for Abigail Winzer and Alex Guerra (Story Time) this is just the beginning, paired together in a Berklee College of Music production class, they decided to bring new life and a new wave that defies typical music and innovates, achieving such great result.

Their assignment was to write an original song as a collaborative effort and the results far exceeded their expectations leaving the professor awe struck with the fusion of sedating melody and hard hitting drops. They are eager to share their unique song with the world.

We love innovation and artists who take risk and to be extremely honest, this one was such a well taken risk that will push both their careers forwards. ”Current State” might be their first release together, but we are eager to listen to each song (individual and collaborative) that they’ll have to offer!

As always, we would love for you to support their journey as well as listening to the song not only on Spotify, but also on Apple Music or on their Bandcamp profile.




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