Diamond Tucker, an artist to enlighten your playlists

Talented, charismatic, fresh and incredible as a songwriter, singer and producer, that’s how we can describe Diamond Tucker.

His new song ”Oceans” is a reflection of who he is and the kind of sound he is going to deliver, waves of inspiration with an angelical voice perfectly controlled that brings the listener to the ”bottom of the ocean” as his song says.

His unique style infuses us with visions of the places he could reach in few years and honestly, we can’t wait to listen to this song with a music video to fulfil our imagination when listening to the song.

One of the things we love about this single is how his voice keeps making the chorus that elevates us to a new dimension. Such a perfect delivery for a humble artist that is just beginning to give bigger steps into the industry.

But the best part is yet to come, Diamond Tucker is not only working on new music, he has as well a full catalogue that, even tho it doesn’t represent his actual vision, is still a great way to know his past self and to get a glimpse of his personality, his possibilities as an artist and the universe he is creating for us.

An alien from another world that captivated us with the first 10 seconds.

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