Fer Rivero: Marketing Bio

Fer Rivero, born in Granada, Spain in 1992 has been working in the Marketing field for over 10 years, around Spain, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Portugal and currently Germany.

Unlike most University students, Fer started working first, learning about each Marketing tool as an accidental career while he had to develop his individual image after passing through various TV Programs. He learned WordPress and Web Design for the creation of his first website, one for himself and one for his business at the time ”CAM Centro de Artes Multidisciplinares”

This daily experience brought him multiple clients who wanted him to design websites, place Google Ads, appear easily on Google search, maps and even re-brand their business.

Logo and content Creation, Video Editing, Sound Editing, Photoshop… all his hobbies started becoming handy. He worked for multiple companies as a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker and Content Developer for names like Voy Volando, CAM, Okube as well as independent associations.

Once his music career started 7 years ago he began his training towards bigger markets, getting bigger expertise on Video Recording, Editing, Branding and Social Media Management. Related to these fields he worked around China and Hong Kong for more than a hundred jobs including Universities, Education Centres, Awards, Brands, Musical Artists and companies, always related to Digital needs. It was there in Guangzhou, China where he created his actual Business ”The Algorithm Agency”

To fully deliver focused Marketing Fer had to specialise a bit further into the digital era and the changes it faces every year, pursuing his studies of Disruptive Digital Marketing Strategies at Saiid Business School & Oxford University. Once completed he moved fully into Music Marketing, completing over 10 different courses by Managers, Digital Marketers and Labels in China, Hong Kong, the UK and even online with American Coaches and independent Marketers.

Fer has managed brands, influencers, companies and artist’s profiles on social media for years while developing new tools and connections that help elevate his work, he expanded the business by acquiring blogs like ”ReThinkMusicChannel” and by now, all his pages sum up to over 350k worldwide followers and have a reach of over half a million. Apart from that, his Fiverr store is one of the top services with more than 300 five star reviews.

Up to this day, outlets like Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance and America Daily Post have written and reviewed positively Fer’s career and services from this Agency.

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