Feed and Algorithm

As you probably know, Instagram is all about being visual, incredible pictures will of course get better reactions than low quality images. Videos as well are incredibly powerful on the gram and you as an artist need to use this in your advantage.

Unfortunately Instagram is probably one of the hardest places to grow (at least at the beginning) Once you get a number passing 10k followers you start getting bigger tools and people are more eager to follow.

Why is this?

As probably I have mentioned to you, people follow the masses, and even if your content has tons of value for you, for people are just another piece of content in a network that is having over 1 Thousand new pics/videos per second, can you imagine? Every minute over 60.000 posts are published there, around 60% of this is content comes from people with less than 10.000 followers so being above that number already increases your chances of being promoted by the Algorithm.

By 2019 between 30% of Instagram Accounts had between 1k-10k followers. 36.7% had between 10k-100k followers, 19.3% had between 100k to 1M followers and only 4.3% had between 1M to 10M followers.

This means that the more amount of followers you have, the better. But this is not possible by cheating or using bots for 2 main reasons:

  1. Instagram can flag or shadowban your account, this means that the Algorithm and their team will make sure that even though you can keep using their app, you will not grow and your posts won’t be seen by people.
  2. Having followers without interaction is basically useless and looks fake. If a person with 100k followers is getting less than 500 likes… then something is happening… Bots will never give you likes!

There are cases of people who constantly pay to hackers to get likes, comments and fake follows, creating an ”image” of being insta-famous but the reality keeps being the same, what’s the point of wasting so much money on numbers if later none of those accounts will click on your song?

How can you grow a bit faster?

  1. Keep a beautiful profile, design your highlights to make it look combined, post consistently etc… (all this can be found on our e-book that you can download here) Secrets of Instagram E-book
  2. Work on it daily, send DMs to new people, ask about their lives, Instagram is a great place to connect and meet others, but make sure to now spam them with your links!
  3. THE MOST IMPORTANT GROWTH TIP: Follow/Unfollow people!

How does this works? Our director Fer Rivero explains you in a video!

Trick to unfollow the right people

If you go to your profile and click on Following, you will open the tab to see who you’re following, unlike Twitter, you can’t see who Is following you back, but you will se a tab above that says ”Least interacted with”

This are the people who are not receiving anything from you, neither checking your profile, connecting with your content, talking with you or even checking your stories, maybe they follow you but they definitely don’t interact.

What can you do in this case?

2 Things:

  1. If they’re people you know or appreciate following them, just write a message to see how they’re doing.
  2. Unfollow them, don’t even think about it and clean your IG of their posts, why caring about people who doesn’t even care about you?

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