Myyora deserves all our attention

Gorgeous voice to say the least.

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Myyora is back and this time, we wanted to personally review her because each time she releases something, we know her heart and soul will be pour into it.

Her new song ”Feel” is out now and it gave us chills, not only the live version is flawless, effortless and filled with emotion. Her smile while performing it made us feel lucky and proud to be a small part of the big journey she has ahead.

Put into Myyora’s words:

I wrote “Feel” to remind myself not to bottle up all the negative feelings, to leave them behind and to aim for complete freedom. “Feel” is a song about knowing that you have to let yourself feel and heal in order to glow.
For the sound, I wanted to recreate something that i would feel deep down in my soul a sound that would make me want to move with joy. A feeling of freedom.

Now, we have a lot to say about her in order for you to fully know where her sound is coming from:

Myyora on Spotify

Myyora born Sephora is 25 years old, originally from Congo (DRC), born and raised in East London. She moved to France at the age of 14 where she went to an international school in the south of France. She taught herself how to play the guitar after receiving one for her 17th birthday. She spent 3 years studying Theatre in Wales. During this time she was part of a band called ‘The Royals’ as singer along with 4 other singers and musicians: The Royals solely performed covers around the university campus, and in a few Welsh pubs. It was during this time that Myyora found her true love for music and performing.

She also spent 5 months in Missouri, USA in 2016. Myyora met Annabelle in 2018, recorded 10 singles and released the first one on July 27, 2020. The tracks are produced and co-written by Annabelle who works in collaboration with a French-Irish co-author and co-compositors.

Myyora is a multi-instrumentalist: as well as playing the guitar, she recently started teaching herself to play the piano. Currently, in 2021, Myyora is working on an EP where she will be not only a singer but also a songwriter. “Feel” is the first.

So young, vibrant, full of talent and passion. She is quite an artist to be aware of! As always we would be extremely happy if you could share some love to Myyora by following on social media, subscribing on Youtube and on Spotify!
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