Platinum Packages

Platinum Packages are an exclusive type of agreement that includes a more strategic, result driven and long term work with selected artists for 1 or 2 months each.

They include all the tools and work from our team so you can focus only on your music while we keep promoting you and building all your platforms during the coming 4 – 8 weeks from approval. Packages can be adapted to each artist needs. * Explains the mandatory areas that can’t be unchanged. Our team will work closely with the artist to ensure results, taking off the pressure from the artist’s shoulder and contacting only when fully needed.

Please note, 2 months is cheaper as it encourages artists to develop themselves and gives time to the team to study Data and Analytics properly, delivering better results over time.

Platinum Package Includes:

-Website Creation + Website Course and Management (Value 250US$/2Months or 180$/1Month)

-Marketing Consultancy (Value 50$ per Month)

-Graphic Design + VideoEditing for Website, Banners… (Value 200US$/2Months or 120US$/1Month) *

-Daily Growth Work on Artist’s Social Media = Instagram & Twitter (Value 350US$/2Months or 220US$/1Month) *

-2 Videocall Sessions with Strategy and Follow Ups (100US$) *

-Facebook Ads Setting, Analytics Study and Ad optimisation (150US$ or 90$ for 1 month) * Please Note: Artist must pay before the amount of Money to be used in Ads)

-Spotify Promotion Via Third Party Playlists (100US$ per Month) 

-Artist’s 8 Weeks Training ”Music Marketing Course Access” (50US$) *

-Audience and Fandom Case Study (50US$) *

-Branding and Identity Visual and Written Work (50US$) *

-Ig, Fb, Tw, Yb, Sp Promo to all our fandom via promoted ads (230US$ per 2 months, 150$ for 1 month) * Includes Blog Coverage

-Core Story Session and Bio Description (50US$) *

Mandatory Options Combined Must be negotiated

All Options combined for One Month: 1160$ / for 2 Months: 1550$

For more information please contact our director @FerRiveroMusic via Instagram or E-mail:

Payments are done via Paypal, a proposal and invoice will be send to you before and after payment. 4% Paypal’s Mandatory Commission must be paid by the Artist.


We understand some Clients want only to grow on one social media, in that case price is Monthly. The client must understand we only grow Organically, so that requires time and a properly designed profile online as well as original content that people will like.

Password and Access to the account must be given on each social media we handle, we teach and secure the account first so the client receives a text message if somebody else tries to access.

  • Instagram Monthly Grow (Value 150$) Includes Audience Study, LightRoom Presets, Highlights Design, Audience Search, Consultancy, Hashtags. Does not include posting on behalf of the artist.
  • Twitter Monthly Grow (Value 100$) // Can include posting on Behalf of the Artist.

Both options can be combined to offer a 30$ Discount: 220$ per month in total.

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