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If you work in the music Industry you know how impossible is to get proper marketing and attention from a real audience. This is why we created our business.

We count with multiple Music and Marketing Channels and an artist with over 350k registered fans and musicians and a reach of over a Million with targeted campaigns.

What we do is something more efficient than those expensive PR out there, we put your song into our channels, this makes you credibility higher, then our artist will promote naturally his personal review with his fans, specially focusing on those who listen your genre. This creates trust and makes new people interact and listen to you.

By writing articles about you we also increase your SEO, making people easier to find you online, turning strangers into fans, making you rank.

The bigger package can also include a personalised strategy and access to our online music course, where we explain step by step how to make it in the music industry.

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Payments are done via Paypal, an invoice and receipt will be send to you before and after payment.


Along all the time we have been in the business we were quite lucky to work with hundreds of artists, we got their reviews of our services and we have to say that we feel blessed! Via Fiverr we got this reviews on our profile called ”The Five”

We worked with Division III on the promotion of one of his newest song on Spotify as well as other streaming platforms!

@Division III

Trio Minutes are 3 wonderful talented sisters from UK that got us to work on their Twitter Marketing!


Igor Anicic moves his music into a positive Pop vibe that is contagious! We keep working with him towards his new songs.


Keith Bravo released his first song and found us to do the first promotion of it, with tens of thousands of plays and streams between the results he gave us this awesome review!


Some Artists even recommended us online on their profiles!


Have any questions? Don’t doubt to contact our team at

Need some Marketing? Reach out to Fer at

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