Big homie equals good taste and quality

”Patek” is their new single with Ola Cash and we only have good words for it! Song has flow, good rhythm and massive arrangement of talent into a cool trap vibe that will make you vibe to it in no time!

Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself! But this doesn’t ends here, Big Homie E-Sounds go way beyond one song into a full catalogue that you can listen on Spotify.

Want more? There is great music video for ”Beware (Load My Gun)” and we have it here for you!

We went ahead and listened to each of the songs and songs like ”Traumatized” and ”Where’s the money” are a full jam! We’re talking about artists with 2 albums and tons of singles out there.

”Different Paths” released on 2020 is perfect for the Trap music lovers while S.I.Ss brings a more dramatic and moody hip hop to the table.

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