”Campaign Legend” by Neutron Mendoza is pure fire

Are you a Hip Hop/Rap lover? If so (and even if you’re not) we found the right artist for you, Neutron Mendoza knows what he is going to achieve and putting together such a complex and well crafted album is no easy task for any musician.

His Style is on point, the lyrics, the delivery, the uniqueness of his voice are just a mix of what you can expect listening to his album.

Songs like ”Know the Difference” and ”No Doubt” are making us feel his vibe and inspire us throughout the day while others like ”Exotic” or ”With me” more based on the Trap/Rap genre are some of the songs we expect with make him reach stardom quality.

The composition feels different from one song to another without breaking the whole balance of the album, the production level is easy to listen along each song and the whole product ranges from great to masterpiece as you discover more songs.

The best part is, this is not only on Spotify, for those of you who use Apple Music, ”Campaign Legend” is also there!


We wish big success to Neutron Mendoza as his career has just started and definitely will have a long long journey with each of his successes.