Fat Lab Sound Records, top music quality at the heart of Lisbon

Tons of great artists are choosing to craft their music right at the Portuguese capital. Even though the great weather, the beautiful environment and the high conditions of living here are a plus, they’re not choosing Fat Labs for this reasons, they’re choosing it to step up their production in all aspects of the music industry.

The studio, located in Laranjeiras, Lisbon, and directed by Miguel Franco, counts with some of the best equipment around the country. Drums, Bass, Guitars, Pianos, Microphones, Monitors… the installations are equipped with top gear and the level or organic excellence can be appreciated by top sound engineers. Still, the difference between Fat Labs and other studios for the artists recording their music there is not only the sound quality; is the appreciation, support, work-flow, high quality mixes and how their team is able to include any ideas, record any instruments to improve the song overall or even get a professional musician for a precise instrument to record a great organic sound.

Fat Lab Sound Records is the right place to get your music crafted to the best possible outcome.

We asked some of the artists who visit Fat Labs regularly and got great reviews about them, from ideas not fully formed to a final product ready to be delivered to the audience. For Hip Hop, Fat Labs counts with one of their producers named ”ThisIsAl”, highly recognised for his skills creating Trap Music as well as unique Hip Hop instrumentals. His attention to details, his patience towards finding the right sounds and get exactly what each artist has in mind is probably why his name resonates more and more around the industry.

Other artists mentioned how Miguel Franco helped them develop their skills, improve their delivery between Live Singing and Studio singing and earn more trust towards their voice as well as expressing their ideas freely.

For some artists, it is quite hard expressing a song idea they have in mind. Fat Lab Sound Records makes sure the space is open to all kinds of music and will for sure test all possibilities with each artist to achieve their goals.

Their library of plugins is quite extensive and the possibilities are almost endless.

As an extra tool, the studio offers working online with artists from other cities and countries, making remote music production possible as well as offering Mix and Master for anybody interested on stepping up their game.

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