Words2Say by Sley hits the Unique button!

We recently discover ”Sley” and got captivated by his unique sound, so inspiring, well achieved and blended with their voices! But who is Sley?

First let’s hear their music!

We asked them the same questions you have, here is their answer:

We’re a quarantine born artist pop duo with some hip hop influence. We’re actually husband and wife that was brought together by music. Our roots are actually more hardcore and metal driven like bands ”A Day to Remember” and that’s how we first clicked.

I’ve always loved music and I’ve always wanted to make my own but never had the tools or knowledge available to me. one day during quarantine something clicked ( while listening to “hot girl bummer” by Blackbear not sure why that song struck inspiration but it is a good one ) and thought I could totally do music. Took online audio engineering and mixing classes and bought/built a small home studio and we got to work. Our first single was “Sad Day” kind of a just for fun quarantine anthem we put together and then we released “words2say” and really found our sound and vibe through it.

We wanted to show some range in genre by our more pop vibe recent release “Affections” We love singing and writing songs about all sorts of experiences we’ve had through life. Usually not even involving each other. We’re no Sonny and Cher, that’s for sure, but we’re best friends taking on whatever comes at us and we’re always raising the bar creatively for the other one. We came up with the name Sley by literally just arranging the letters of our names Shayn ( male ) and Ashley ( female ) until it created something light that flowed easy. Here we are.

How wonderful are they? The best? You can go right now and follow them on social media:



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