“Time Shows” by James Roan is simply a masterpiece!

James Roan is a rising Hip Hop artist who has recently released a new single called “Time Shows” which sounds simply epic! The song is a soulful and introspective track that showcases Roan’s raw talent and emotional depth.

“Time Shows” is a slow RnB mixed vibe and somehow sensual hit that features Roan’s smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The song’s production is minimalistic, with a great beat and a nice melody that feels old-school, allowing Roan’s voice to take centre stage. The song’s lyrics talk about the passage of time and the realisation that things can’t be rushed.

Roan’s vocals are the song’s highlight, with his rich and expressive voice perfectly capturing the emotional depth of the lyrics. We love the switch between singing in the chorus to rapping on the verses. His voice is reminiscent of classic RnB singers like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, but with a modern twist that makes it uniquely his own.

“Time Shows” is the first single release to create anticipation for the upcoming album “Elements of Life” produced entirely by Richy B. The Album cover will be revealed soon.

But who is he?

James Edward Roan, (born 26 June 1994) is a American, Recording Artist, Rapper, Songwriter and Narrator. He’s from Miami, Florida where he heard all of the legendary artists being played by his Mom, Grandmas’s, other family members all throughout his childhood. It motivated him to make his own music and tell life-stories through that. He released his first musical project back in 2012 when he was still in high school, was a mixtape titled “Time Will Tell” at just 17yrs old. Afterwards, followed another mixtape and three full albums. He’s also done voiceover narrations for Relay For Life, GAP Inc. Breast Cancer Awareness commercials, as well as his own self directed, self produced advertisements and documentaries.

What makes “Time Shows” stand out is its relatability. The lyrics speak to the universal experience all of us live through, and the pain of watching time pass by without finding it. Roan’s ability to capture this feeling in his lyrics and vocal delivery is what sets him apart from other Hip Hop artists.

Overall, “Time Shows” is a beautiful and poignant song that showcases James Roan’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist. It’s a soulful and emotional track that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the ache of waiting for love. If you’re a fan of classic Hip Hop with a modern twist, we highly recommend giving “Time Shows” a listen. James Roan is definitely an artist to watch in the world of Hip Hop.

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