Website Course Part 3:

Graphic Design Meets WordPress

We’re at part 3 of this course and so far your website should be looking quite good! There is something extremely important you must do!

Due to the new World Website Regulation you must confirm your website some days after getting the domain, you are probably receiving emails from Aruba about this. Not doing so will lead to the suspension of your website! Just log into your Customer area and click Verify!

Moving on, Part 3 and I’m sure you need some order and visuals put in place to improve your website to the visual climax!

This is more simple if you have any knowledge of Graphic Design, still, we want you to consider multiple ways to get your website looking sharp.

Your website is starting to look good, but you still have all those questions on how to make it look better, don’t worry, remember the course updates weekly with new Lessons!

Best way to make your website stand out is using your own Graphic Design, this is something you have to do outside of WordPress, creating the right images, maybe even drawing. This is the case of

Their style is a ”kid’s drawing” example, creating an unique place with their own design. You can see some of their ”cute logos” while you use it. Making the feeling more friendly and understandable.

Some ideas for you to create this style would be by using Photoshop, Lightroom, Enlight, Affinity Studio, maybe even drawing it yourself in Procreate App!

How can you quickly change your whole website with this apps?

We are working on a Graphic Design Course but while, let me share with you a quick video on how I usually do it with Procreate.

What are Categories/Tags?

Categories are ways to keep your posts organised, imagine your website posts about music, photography and videography, you might create a category describing each kind of music, photo or video it is, this gives the opportunity to the rest of your audience to click and find related posts using that category.

Typically in WP, themes are designed to show and host Categories. When you create a new post always Categorise them. As you can see on the right I have multiple categories and they are quite for broad purposes.

Tags on the other hand are for smaller purposes, example if I Categorise something in Music, I might want to tag the genre of music I’m doing (RnB, for example)

If your category is about Photography, use tags to describe what kind of photo it is. (Landscape, portraits…)

Categories and Tags will be seen in your post (unless you use the Plugin to hide them explained below)

In my case I believe it helps with navigation and It leads to more engagement as people don’t have to scroll all the way up to the menu. You can hide them by using ”Ultimate Category Excluder”

Their designer will explain it better than me!

See you in part 4!