Promoting your song via PR

When working in the music industry there will always be a part of marketing that your social media won’t be able to do, that part will be related to concerts, organisation, distribution… that as humans we can’t handle. This is where people start searching for Managers, PR companies etc… Common mistake is searching for this way too early. We all believe our music is good, but the reality is, for the industry, it doesn’t matter how good or not a song is, if there is no fandom behind it.

This is something really important to understand, if you want to perform at a club, your chances of doing so increase when you can prove you have hundred thousands of followers and views. They will increase even more if you can prove those numbers are partially in the city you are going to perform.

Now imagine when you are about to sign with a Label or get a proper good manager, artists who don’t know the things you are learning in this course will be sending emails once and again to so many label, maybe 1 hears them and says yes, but the reality is this only happens to 0.1% or all artists out there, and from those, Labels drop most of them except for the few selected that makes them money and numbers.

Once your numbers are big you might consider working with a PR (like our company) Hopefully you will use multiple PRs as you want the biggest reach.

Things to consider before getting a PR

  1. Do not send Soundcloud links unless is unreleased private music that you are going to pre-release. Always be careful as this is the most common case of stealing music and leaking.
  2. Test small, go step by step and once you find the right one, go big. This is extremely important, tons of Companies will give you results of numbers, but you won’t have any analytics and probably they come from bots.
  3. Check the reviews, you probably have seen the reviews we keep posting about us, this is because out there, tons of PR will charge you massive prices and get you no results blaming it in your music.
  4. If your PR has experience and works in the proper ways, following their advice is highly recommendable.
  5. One way to know about the quality of a PR is seeing if you are getting royalties from their work. Royalties are way more beyond just making money with your music.

There are some steps we take when considering music, knowing them might help you understand the process and choose PR companies properly:

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