The perfect Royalties model

As you probably have seen in your statements from your distributor, you are entitled to Royalties for your music, the procedure is complex and it takes around 6 months to clear up and get to your account, but still, once you get used to it, it can be an incredible way to recover money on investment. (ROI)

Now, our team does a lot of things but we’re not experts at royalties, but we do know how you can recover the money invested in ads.

All artists should be making some money thanks to their music if they monthly promote themselves, with the amount of new followers there is also a big amount of opportunities, we will explain the best ones to earn tons of money!

Live performing

It’s quite obvious and probably not allowed for some time, but still, Live performance is one of the best way to introduce yourself to new audience as well as make some money. This is of course easier to artists with big numbers in the place they’re playing. One great strategy to get performances is creating a Facebook ad and target the city or even the followers of the place you want to perform. Once you have that compose an email and show them proof of big numbers In the city, saying your fans would be so happy to go to that place and see you perform. Once you get a deal with the place (paid or unpaid) you can still make tons of cash!


It is known by artists who tour around small places that all the money comes from Merchandise during/after the performance. People who just enjoyed your performance are quite eager to buy and support the artist, but usually we forget about giving our social media details, preparing our CDs to sell and getting some cool clothing or key chains related to our brand. People are in the loop after you playing, don’t waste the opportunity and set up a store there! Sign some CDs! Be sure to not create horrible merchandise nobody will buy! Tons of artists are so in love with themselves than they don’t accept opinions from friends and marketers, ending up with boxes and boxes of merchandise nobody wants. If your marketing is going great and people starts to ask for something, go small, let them wait and request more!

Live House Performing

This one broke my mind a bit, around the US some artists started earning massive amounts of money by performing at the houses of their followers, it sounds weird but if somebody loves your music, you go to their house, okay for their family, friends and family… then you definitely will turn all of them into Superfans (If you are as awesome as we expect) Really important to be natural, do some jokes.. and get people to pay some fee for this concert! Obviously you are going to be there entertaining them, the minimum thing you can do is get some cash for it. The chances of you getting extra cash via merchandise is so high it would be a mistake not to bring it.

Music Royalties

Imagine you are promoting your music, paying for promotion every month, reaching new people, getting new listeners, have you realised every time your friend listens to your song you are making money? Imagine when your catalogue has 10 songs and more people daily keep playing it whole, if a song pays you *** amount of money, imagine 1k people doing that, imagine a million. This is how you start recovering money as you go bigger, you invest for years, but if the marketing strategy is on point, new people will come daily! Let us show you how much each one pays!

Napster and Tidal are the biggest ones towards paying per stream

Promotions due to numbers

This is the one people forget, if your pages are growing, you can be the channel for smaller artists to promote their music, it takes no time and you might change the career of some smaller artists! Be sure to contact them and let them know you can do this for example for 5$! Depending on your fandom you can change the price but of course first be sure to get above 10-20k followers!

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