Congrats on making it to Week 4!

This is really a big deal! It means you haven’t quit on your dream yet and that my friend is a virtue. It’s really common in the music industry to stop yourself and doubt your talent. Remember is common that you won’t feel the same way about a song after hearing it a million times, specially if it’s yours. But that doesn’t mean the song is bad or not worth releasing, if you heard it a million times, others will!

Now starting in week 4 we’re going to introduce you a new concept, Youtube and Spotify Playlist Pitch.

As you have probably realised by this course or by experience, Youtube is the hardest place to get your music going viral. This is because on Youtube people can’t discover new music due to the amount of content that is uploaded every minute. Every producer, beginner, human can post their music there and call it a song. That’s why Youtube never shows videos that are not going crazy or are recently uploaded unless you have a big number of subscribers and viewers like Youtubers.

We could consider paying Youtubers to use your songs but that probably will cost a lot and bring almost no fan coming your way.

Remember this:

Youtube is the place where all your SuperFans will support your music videos and your music, is the result of all your work in all the other social media and streaming services.

Just to put an example, if I hear a new song on Spotify and I like it, I might go into the artist profile and listen to more, after some time listening to the song I might end up checking his IG, Fb or Youtube looking for more. This process took some time, it starts with the Listener finding your music somewhere to ultimately lead him to Youtube.

Time for learning about Pitching your song for Spotify and YouTube!

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