Core Story and Week 4 Exercises

You have been here for almost a month, so this exercises are quite important towards your career. I remember I did this multiple times when starting with a new music company.

What’s your story? Do you have a story to tell to your audience? If your fans start checking about your background, will they find hidden passion behind it? Is your story unique, incredible, inspiring, soul touching?

It’s really important for an artist to have a Story to tell, how getting bullied got you that strength to write the song of your dreams, how loosing your love made you feel about yourself, how being shot with a gun changed your whole life….

Stories are the core of your career and sometimes we just release and release but forget that people want to connect with us. You need to give them that story, don’t compose for the masses who will listen to 5 seconds, compose for those 2-3 that you might prevent them from suicide thanks to your music, compose for those that don’t have a voice, for those whose stories are related to yours. Those are your real fans.

Week 4 Exercises

  1. Plan your next Music Video and the Strategy for the release.
  2. Submit your song with Premium or Standard credits via into Playlists and Youtube Channels
  3. Adapt your Youtube Channel for Subscribers, is it looking professional? Do all the videos in it look good?
  4. Create your song or music video Playlist on Youtube and highlight it In your profile.

There are some questions and exercises that you might have figured it out but is never a bad opportunity to check and adapt! You should go to the content from weeks before and repeat the process for each song.

Congrats on one month! 

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