Promoting yourself on Youtube (Case Study)

Now that you have more knowledge about this, it’s time to start promoting yourself on Youtube, even though it shouldn’t be your main focus (as well as Spotify Playlists shouldn’t be your priority) it helps if your video is properly organised.

Remember this is a common mistake for artists, they want their song on tons of Spotify playlists and tons of views in their YouTube videos but if none of the people listening or watching follows you… what’s the point?

We want them to pay for a concert, buy your songs and merchandise and to support you forever no matter what. Let’s use my recent VEVO release as case Study.

Take Strategic Steps

VEVO as I told you is a challenge due to the lack of promo companies you can use, the only legal way to get people into your videos is by bringing them from you social media or by sending them from your Youtube subscribers list. Here is the video we’re going to be working on:

As you can see the video is an example of Simple = More. I wanted a dramatic feeling on a roof, what better way than waiting for the sun after the rain previous to a sunset. If you record outside timing and light is everything for a music video.

Usually I post my videos on Facebook first, get them to over 50k views using ads and targeting my followers as well as new possible fans, in this case I released this one Exclusive on VEVO for the first week to try some new approaches. That gives me 7 days to promote this video on Youtube and study the results.

Previous to the video release

  1. Post 15 seconds of the song on all my stories, multiple channels, Facebook page etc…
  2. Say that is VEVO (or Youtube) Exclusive, letting people know the only way to hear it is watching this video.

Once the video is released

  1. Send emails to all my registered fans, write messages to the closest ones with the link to the video letting them know I want to thank them for their support with that song. (This makes them feel special!)
  2. Once the video is out I have to add it to my Music Video Playlist so people will watch this one and it will be linked to all my music videos. Playlist Example:
  3. Add the video to my website and use the Post News during the whole week.
  4. Share a bit of Behind The Scenes, sing a bit this version of my song on TikTok and Instagram Live.
  5. Share the link on my Facebook Page and create an add targeting my followers.
  6. Go to Twitter, IG, Facebook and personally engage in conversations with great fans, asking how they’re doing and sending my song to them.

Think about this strategy and see how it works, if like me Youtube is not your ultimate goal (for me is social media) then this shouldn’t take you much time!

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