Collaborations and Producing for others

During your process of talking with fans, you will see a massive increase of artists following you, this is completely common and it means you’re doing a wonderful job. This artists are an essential part of this week’s lessons.

The Unsigned community is massive, in fact is 99% of the musicians out there, this are people who are either music professionals or music related types of artists and they all have a thing in common with you, they want to be heard and talk with people about your music.

Here is where your role in social media has such importance, for them, if you have 2k followers you are a ”nobody” of the music industry, but if you are working on your social media daily as we have been discussing, then your numbers will be growing and talking with other artists will become easier.

Do the same strategy, let them talk about them, praise them a bit, get their trust and once you hear their music decide if you want to collaborate for them or not.

Collaborations are Key

On the average artist, the dream is becoming famous and rich thanks to music, others want to share their message etc… we all have something to say and we all loose the more important factor, collaborate with others to tell your story. This is as simple as Nicki Mynaj’s music career. When she started, she was another girl rapping, singing, trying to make it until when she decided to collaborate with literally everybody she could.

From all genres to all types of artists around the world, K-pop, British pop, Underground Rap, Pop hits, Slow music… She drops a verse on songs you might not even imagine and this brings tons of new audience to her plate daily.

Imagine you collaborate with an artists that has 300 listeners, that’s 300 people who will listen to the artist they like plus your voice and sound in the song, the chances of them getting into your profile are massive!

Progressively your name will have more recognition and collaborating with you will be beneficial for other artists, bigger and smaller.

Producing for others

Now imagine the artist has a complete unique genre and you have no way to drop a verse or cooperate towards that song, this happens a lot. Why not helping him/her produce a song? Specially if the artist has a smaller following, your help can be so appreciated by their fandom! And the only thing you can ask in exchange is for example ”Prod by #YourName” on all the titles of the song on all social media. This is a common move that brings tons of veracity to your brand and your craft as well as new fans.

Keep your humbleness down and connect with the biggest amount of artists out there! They will be the ones who know how much sweat and tears each song has!

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