Twitter world, a guide to succeed

Twitter is an incredible tool to grow, specially since people interact with others without worrying about how many followers that person has, if they’re verified etc../

Now, how can you turn twitter into your musical social media advantage?

We’re going to give you some quick tips that work their magic to get your engagement high from moment cero.

Quick reminders:

  • Follow People daily, talk to them , tweet
  • Go to your Following tab and unfollow those who didn’t come back after a week
  • Keep Making your twitter visual: Gifs, Images, videos…
  • Description is really important, take it seriously!
  • Remember to make friends, don’t only share your content without even taking some time to write why, nobody likes an automation robot!

Other Strategies to grow

Twitter is all about being Chronological and what’s trending daily, check some insights on how to use this to your advantage and get hundreds of followers that will connect due to common interests!

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