MMC Week 1:

Social Media, Distribution, Design and Pre-marketing

We all want to reach greatness, we all want to be out there performing for thousands of fans screaming our names. Don’t be ashamed of your dream, it is a real possibility and it’s totally achievable but for that, you need to have the patience and wisdom to follow a straight path and not mess up along the way.

What is a fandom?

In order to explain what is a fandom and why you don’t have one, let me show you the biases artists fall into that avoid them having a fandom. I talk daily with new artist and I observe the same patterns, 3 to be more precise.

  1. Some artists who got ”a couple thousand fans” believe they are the next big thing and don’t even bother to reply to me, to them, to companies etc… they don’t want to spend time on people or learning and just want to focus in their music. They literally post expecting a reaction from people because they believe people owe them that reaction.
  2. Other artists don’t even have fans, no listeners, but they behave like they are gold and post descriptions about them being the next big thing, with this unique sound that nobody else has and create their music videos with expensive stuff, even if they have fans, they keep loving themselves so much that there is no space for fans to be there, but at the end… no fans.
  3. Some artists have tons of listeners, tons of likes, tons of numbers, but people do not follow them. They perform live, go to stages, they are making a name for their music, but why people listen to them… and don’t follow right after? This is a Lack of connection with the fandom.

If you fall into one of this categories, don’t worry, I fell in all 3 of them during all this years. I passed from believing my first song was gold to talk to people like I’m the next BeyoncĂ© and get tons of listeners who didn’t follow and then tons of followers but nobody of those listening to my music even if I repeated my message again and again.

This is because we are not connecting with those fans, a real fan is somebody who cares about you by just listening to your music. They share a bond with you or your product, your music, your brand, your lyrics, your voice and what you stand for. This is why I always say friends and family are not fans, family loves you and listens to you because of that, a fan loves your sound and follows anything you do because of that even though they’ll never talk to you. You have to be their voice out there, their motivation in the morning or their slow song when they feel sad.

What are you missing to keep your fandom connected?

The problem is the ”Me, me, me” behaviour. We all do it, example:

Listen to my new song, follow me on social media, my new music video. This is the reason nobody clicks on your song when you spam the link to them, why it doesn’t matter what you create, people don’t care because in this era, society tell us that we have to look for ourselves and we only care about us first.

We have to replace the ME for the You.

I did a tiny experiment using this, I went to my Facebook page and posted a video I recorded while visiting Vietnam, beautiful video around all the country while my song is there and I sing in some moments. I changed the title from ME to YOU by writing this:

Vietnam was such a wonderful place! So full of life! Can’t wait for you to enjoy it and visit it! Hope this video gives you some ideas to travel there!

I just gave them a dream travel video that is actually a full music video but just by changing how to share it with the audience, people reacted differently to it. The result? Over 75k plays, more than 1k shares and over 4.400 reactions to it. Watching people commenting the video and tagging their friends was priceless!

The best example for fandom is Taylor Swift, Taylor every year sends a letter for the birthday of each of her registered fans, she has groups of fans that include other new fans and make friends and connections thanks to her music. Those fans can send letters to Taylor and she will reply them eventually or read some of those letters in videos. Even more, Taylor invites her best fans to her house when she is about to release a new album and plays for them, bake cookies and let them into her home! This makes those fans experiences something beyond connection, they are ”her friends” they understand she is busy but they know she is a person that knows of their existence. We don’t want you to go to those lengths yet… first let’s see how to get people so invested in you.

There is a chart for how a person turn into a SuperFan, This is a 5 steps process and believe me, nobody turns into a SuperFan instantly!

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