Places you must be

Once you have settle your Instagram account, it’s time to work on some places you must be to make your success inevitable. As you read, be sure to create your account or update with all the information you have, keeping the same design as your Instagram, adding your and putting your music in there!

  • Facebook

Facebook is a Music Favourite, it might not sound like it, but almost everybody has a FB account, even if they don’t use it. It is the real deal to stay connected and also the easiest way to get a fandom at the lowest price.

Create a Facebook Fan Page and follow their steps, once you have it, click on it and search the tab called ”Community” As you scroll down in there you will see a quick option called ”Invite Friends to Like this Page”

Go full on it, invite all, let all your friends know you’re serious about this!

You can even set Top Fans but let’s leave this unchecked for now!

  • Instagram

Instagram as we told you before is the place to be! If you have the full access to our course then you have probably seen Fer’s E-book: Secrets of Instagram. If you got the Unique Access then you can get it here for 3US$

  • Reverbnation

This is probably one of the places that will shock you due to the amount of opportunities they have. They have an online chart with all the artists registered, that means that you can be top 10 in their ranking by just uploading your music there and you can send your music to multiple opportunities (some of them require being a paid user of their place) but still, there are tons of free options and they will calculate your total fandom counter as well as give you options to connect with other artists!

  • Twitter and Youtube

Twitter might sound useless, but if the President of the United States uses it and makes viral everything he says, you should have one too, there is a bigger reason for this. Twitter ranks on google. That means that when people search about you online, they will be able to find you easier thanks to your tweets. This is such an useful tool for SEO and online ranking.

As well as twitter, having your videos on YouTube helps much towards ranking and letting your fans find you online.

  • TikTok

I hate to admit it but lately Tiktok is becoming the place to be. That means you need to ask your distribution company if they can set up your music, there are 2 big reasons for this. People on tiktok are constantly looking for new music to do viral dances to, this apart from bringing tons of royalties brings a big deal of awareness towards your brand. Also, Tiktok algorithm is mostly random, it shows tiktoks without you asking for it and that’s how so many people are going viral this days. Create your account, post cool things about your music, ask your friends and fans to use it in their videos!

Once you have distributed your music to Spotify, Apple Music etc… it’s important to keep the same username for everything and keep it simple an clear, avoid changing username and image unless you do it in all social medias at the same time and let your fandom know about it.

Names in Music industry lately have ”music” added at the end of their username, example: SamSmithMusic

This is very useful until when you make a name of yourself out there!

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