Re-marketing and Pre-Marketing

Let’s talk about your songs now, there is this common mistake where artists think they need to keep releasing new songs in order to succeed. This is totally wrong. When you discover a new artist you don’t care about when each song was released. If you love his sound, his image looks good and there is more than a song, you press play and let it sound no matter what.

What is Re-Marketing?

Re-Marketing is the talent of Selling the same thing over and over again, my best example for music will always be the 80s, 90s music and BeyoncĂ© with her song Crazy in love. Her team has been able to find the way to use the song in every concert, performance, presentation, playlist… and people just keep hearing it again and again without hating it. Imagine the amount of money that song keeps doing since almost 20 years ago when it was released. Re-marketed Music works as a Passive Income, it can keep making you money with every new person you convert to your fandom.

Remember this rules for Re-Marketing:

1.Always look from the eyes of a Listener

This is simple to understand, people are using their phones daily, they receive tons of information and unless they are incredible music listeners with massive curiosity in the industry, they can’t see the difference between a Label artist and an Indie. This means that you alone have to look as attractive and incredible as any of those artists in order to people to just click on one song, listen and enjoy.

2. Think out of the box

Think out of the box when is about yourself, is proven that we as humans always look better at ourselves than the reality is. This is why listening to people in the industry is good. We receive new artists everyday, thinking they are the best thing but their image and sound is far from sounding/looking as a label artists. No mistakes can be done once you put that work out there!

This means that you have to sell yourself in ways a person external to you would do. All artists just post their material and expect listeners to appear. This is far from the reality!

3. Keep promoting your past songs

This is something we also fail to do, but there are so many ways to make this happen. From a different version of the song, posting the instrumental, a Behind The Scenes, a version with a new artist, a remix, an acoustic version of it… A song is a lot of work and throwing it up after only posting it once is just insulting your own work. Find multiple ways to keep using them after the years! A great example of this is Becky Hill, an EDM artist that releases always an acoustic version of each of her songs, reaching a complete different audience that will love her music in EDM or Acoustic ways.

What is Pre-Marketing?

Pre-marketing is the art of preparing your audience before you release something. This in music is translated as people talking about your song, even pre-purchasing it before it comes out. This is a bit harder when fandom is 0, probably you have that situation when nobody would reply to you when you said a new song was coming out soon. This shouldn’t discourage you, as a fact, releasing a song without pre-market it is a big mistake unless you are quite viral.

How do you pre-market a song? Now thanks to Spotify you can pre-save a link as well as pre-purchase on Apple Music, but this is not the main focus we want to talk about.

Create a hashtag for it

Let people see you and your friends talking about the song and using the hashtag, post some images of the project without really releasing, maybe even let them listen to some seconds.

Let them see the process

Watching an artist creating something can be quite mesmerising, specially if you love the artist already. The best way to let your fans know something is up is showing a ”sneak peak” of it! What about doing this 1 week before the song releases?

Create Mystery and a Date

People know something’s up by this point, now is when the mystery is being created so they need a date for the final unveiling of it. Let everybody know the day of the release and tell them that they can pre-save and pre-purchase. Remember to be humble as people do not take imperative sentences well on social media.

Add a Countdown

You can do this in your website, but also inside your instagram Stories, countdowns work quite well towards getting people’s interest! Set it up and remind your followers!

Week 1 Exercises

Week 1 looks like nothing, but the reality is that this process takes 2-3 months to Labels to create. From having a photoshoot or a graphic designer working on tons of content to create a whole image in each of your social medias before releasing. Preparing properly is the key to success.

Things to do before week 2:

  • Leave your Instagram looking awesome before week 2.
  • Facebook page has to be created and following the Instagram Design.
  • Write a list with the songs you want to re-market, add how you will do so and in what platforms you will do it.
  • Prepare Multiple Videos using your music before week 2
  • Interact with people on tiktok, upload content from you using your songs
  • Set up your twitter and start following Indie Channels
  • Follow every account that moves your genre online on Twitter and IG
  • Send your FB page to all your friends
  • Also promote your Twitter, IG and Tiktok in the other platforms

It’s a lot, but a long life of success is never easy! Be sure to do each of this things before clicking on week 2!

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