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Social Media has to become your best friend from now on, it takes tons of time to manage it until when you speed the process up, but…

Social Media is the only place where you really have control of your fandom without having to pay for promotion.

There is massive power in a Musician’s accounts, Justin Bieber for example has bigger reach of people than instagram Ads itself, that means that anything he says can be a huge difference to more millions than the amount the Ad lets you target. This is why Social Media it’s so important. Apart from that, it changes your social status and the way opportunities come to you.

For the past years we have seen how Youtubers with big following would sign to the best labels even without any music talent and extremely talented artists would disappear in the massive cloud the internet is. This is why having a big following has relevancy into music as well as your own life.

Fans no longer will listen to you on the radio and remain happy with that they want to know more!


Look at your Instagram account as a whole, not as a picture, and think how a fan would see it. Is your account easy to follow? Is it inspiring and mesmerising? Or does it focus on me, me, me instead? Having Visual accounts can change the amount of followers and reactions you get daily!

Let us show you some examples, is important to keep the design and style on top, as well as a nice description establishing who you are, your music style and a link to your

(Please get a free if you don’t have one already)

Does your account looks like this? If no, it’s time to start designing, on IG, FB, Twitter…


If you are in this course, then we know you have your music already distributed with a company.

To be honest I personally tried multiple distribution Services, I ended up using CDBaby as they will not delete my songs, but once I started going serious and each release was costing me 30-40$ I had to move to Distrokid.

Just for the sake of saving money as I was releasing minimum 7 songs per year and CDBaby’s customer services was failing me once and again.

We found this great guide comparing them in case you’re looking to learn more into this matter:

We encourage you to explore and choose the best for your case.

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