MMC Week 3 is here!

Welcome to week 3! So glad that you worked hard on your channels during the past weeks! Remember we’re searching for real people via organic methods, the life lasting type of fans who will stay forever listening to you and will happily pay for your music.

During this week we’re going to learn a bit more about Vevo, Spotify Playlists and TikTok as well as pre-marketing.

In fact, to do this you’re going to watch the process of re-marketing one of my past songs, created as an Acoustic Version, this might inspire you and put in practice your Music Marketing skills collected during the past weeks!

We will be focusing more on the visual part of your music, and what it can make for you towards your music success.

Have you ever record a Music Video? Have you created any visuals for your music? The answer should be yes, because the audio is no longer enough to compete with the millions of music videos that appear monthly online.

If you are ready to start, let’s dive right in:

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