Re and Pre-Marketing your Music Pt2

It’s time to put your skills into good use, this part of the course will give you a great step by step guide to get your music heard even before releasing.

Have you considered the mistakes you had with your past songs towards Marketing? Do you have a list of the songs you want to create a different version, do a remix or cooperate with other artists?

For this, we’re going to use my recent Acoustic Version of my song ”Open Jam of the Rooftop”

Case Example: Open Jam

This is a perfect case because it will re-market my song and at the same time I have to pre-market it like a full new song coming out soon. For old fans of the song, it will be a great surprise and a new way to enjoy the song, for new listeners, it will be a way to discover me and increase my Catalogue.

I released this version as a way to bring my Spotify back to life after 6 months without releasing, now, this gives me more time to work on the new songs and to prepare my new catalogue towards the Spotify Algorithm.

Remember this techniques when one of your songs is good, but it doesn’t perform well for the audience, maybe you need to re-market it and encourage a different type of interaction, find it a secondary way to expose it to your audience.

Here is where the ”Pre-save” link comes in motion, if people are properly targeted and love those 15 seconds of song, they’ll be happy to pre-save the song into their playlists. This will help you quite a lot towards boosting the song from moment 0.

Guide for Pre-Marketing

  1. Share 15 seconds of your song or video, one of the best moments of it.
  2. Post it everywhere on stories and profiles
  3. Encourage the pre-save option if you activated it
  4. Keep creating small talk about your new song with fans via stories and posts
  5. Show how excited you are, some Behind the Scenes to grab their interest.
  6. Promote with small ads before that day, on release day go massive with ads.

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