The power of TikTok

You might have realised about TikTok, a Chinese App that got over 2 billion downloads in time record. This is quite a thing this days but never this big.

Now… what makes Tiktok special?

Basically is the amount of people who are using it and how the algorithm just shows you to anybody without even considering. This is why tons of people just went extremely viral and their lives changed completely.

Let’s focus on the important here, if you have your song uploaded to tiktok, it’s time for you to get people using it, this, with luck can turn into a viral sensation and means everybody will be using your music and probably checking on you for quite some time!

To do this you gotta tick some boxes explained down here.

Tiktok Mandatory Guide

  1. Be sure that your Distributor has uploaded your music to TikTok, by experience, CDBaby is putting 15 seconds clip from song uploaded in the past into tiktok. Distrokid puts one minute.
  2. Be sure to select the best time slot when you are uploading the song. Remember, this should be around 10 seconds before the hook, that way people will get the best part of the song to use.
  3. Start posting about your song from your own Tiktok, be sure to not only upload cool videos with it, choose your song from the option ”Sounds” so people can grab the song from you and start using it.
  4. Get all your friends to record a cool and simple Tiktok dance to it!

Once you have done this with your song is time to let the internet do it’s thing and hope for the best. Of course you can encourage and boost this in some ways. Here is where we’re going to explain our recent case:

Case Study: A week on full mode Tiktok

I decided to invest extra time on TikTok and learn as max as possible from it in order to deliver real lessons to you, that’s why for this week I was creating tons of content for TikTok, I low key hate how simple it is and the amount of stupid content people post but there is way more behind that than the clips that you watch when you open the app.

Apparently people there love to discover new people and easy scroll through all their content. Every time you get a new follower, TikTok will share more of your posts to new people, this is why people were going viral so easy. Their algorithm believes that if a person follows you, probably all of their followers will follow you too.

At first I thought about giving up and not wasting time with it, but once I started posting more videos daily I found that all my general views would go up and people would comment on videos from a week ago. If you watch any video and try to find it in their owner’s account, you probably can’t because they keep sharing old content daily with people. This is awesome!

So far I’m almost at 400 followers, I believe this is a nice growth for a week (even though I get 500 on IG weekly) but if you think about it, is not the same starting in a place and getting tons of followers than on IG where I have been for over 7 years.

Be sure to post your videos with your songs in a visual way (as the example below), but don’t just do that on TikTok, you will have to create tons of content to make it work!

Hope this helps!

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