What is VEVO?

Vevo is a Brand related to Music Excellence, for millions of people in the planet, seeing the brand VEVO gives them confidence in the artist, it shares a bigger feeling towards Music Videos. This is their description on Why use VEVO.

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Now the reality is far from that, to use VEVO you need to have a company that will connect with them and sent them everything you want, everything you send has a strict quality check control with some really silly rules that big artists can skip (Example: No big text with artist’s name at the beginning or end of the video)

Let me explain better in this video the PROS and CONS of having VEVO.

Now, as an Artist I do enjoy the branding on Youtube, it puts me up to the 2% artists out there but… I can’t promote my video with any company or they… block my VEVO? Is like stepping back some steps towards freedom.

If still you want to go with VEVO for your Youtube, here you have the list of official partners:

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