Week 3 Exercises to do

This week has been loaded with information! We will have to get on with more lessons about TikTok and Spotify as we learn and put in practice some new techniques. While, you have a long week ahead for work!

Let’s see what you should be doing during the coming days.

  1. Get on TikTok and update your profile!
  2. Post your first 12 videos on TikTok
  3. Be sure to check each of your songs there sounds in the best minute of your songs!
  4. Get Spotify for Artists App
  5. Update all your profile there and your links
  6. Create a massive mind map with each of your releases properly organised with dates
  7. Get your next songs ready to be released
  8. Re-promote your past songs on all your social media
  9. Check your Facebook ads and optimise them (Week 2 lesson)
  10. Find if you want VEVO, if not, get your Youtube Channel to look PRO

This looks simple but it can take you a month to do it so is important to not loose momentum and start doing it right now!

See you on week 4!

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