Welcome to MMC Week 2!

Well!! It’s so great having you here for your second week? We trust that your social media is looking better than before and that you have planned for some days how you are going to use your music in the best ways possible!

What are you going to be learning and working during this week?

  1. Find who is your most suitable audience.
  2. How to get your Facebook Page to 10k followers with the smaller possible budget.
  3. Create the right material (visual and audio) to capture new fans and followers.

We are going to start showing you videos explaining how to do it, apart from the explanation step by step. Be sure to watch and read the full content to avoid mistakes and looses on budget! Take some time with the next tips and details before advancing.

Don’t choose your audience

There is a massive misconception inside the Unsigned music industry where artists just want to focus in the audience of one location. Typically the US or the UK. This is probably the worst mistake you can do. Apart from having tougher audiences to crack and costing 3 times the price on ads… Music is a worldwide language that connect us all, and while of course you want your hometown to love you, this probably won’t happen without the approval of hundred thousands worldwide fans, this has a great reason behind it but long story short:

People follow the masses

This is proven in all possible ways, you see thousands of people all running towards you and you will run in the same direction by instinct. Less than 1% will move apart, another 1% will fall, but the 98% running…? Those are the followers you can have. Is quite hard for audiences to follow a person with less than 10.000 followers. Psychological explanations apart, people will follow you easier after 10k. 10 thousand followers impresses them, it tells them you are somebody worth following and honestly it raises your veracity as an artist, it makes Labels change the way they look at you before hearing your music. In some social medias like Instagram, you even have new options like swiping up to a link on stories!

This is why you never should choose to focus on one audience, let your music be heard in all the planet, earn royalties with it and then, once your fandom is massive, start focusing on those places you really want to impress, you will see how people even treat you differently when you pass 20.000, imagine with 100.000 followers!

Humbleness is the key

This tip must be in your mind forever. Artists usually we have a strong creative mind, but also a strong personality and we can’t let this cloud our future. When we receive promotion enquiries from some artists they send us their descriptions and turns out is another ”big thing” who is super ”hot” right now with an ”unique” style who will ”blow up” really soon.

When we check the material? Is just another person doing exactly what big artists are doing, from paying to get expensive cars in their music videos, wasting tons of money in studio productions, pretending to be famous and rich in their social media… list keeps going on. The result? The opposite than the artists expect. Nobody likes an egocentric person in their lives, specially if they do not have the work or numbers to support their ego. Be original, be thankful, be your best version because you music can change lives.

People do not want another Drake or another BeyoncĂ©, they don’t want another Skrillex or Avicci. People want to connect with artists through their music and when they are discovering new songs, you have to be there, you don’t want the view or the play, you want them to bond with your music. You want your sound to be there when they are on a way to a party or in their saddest moment. Because there is where you earn a long-life fan.

As a side note, we reject all artists who don’t fit our humble/ nice person profile. That means you are awesome!

Learn from A/B Testing?

From this point forwards we will use multiple expressions that you need to get familiar with, one of them is a popular Marketing strategy called A/B Testing, you probably can imagine what it means. When working with Audiences is quite important to test and analyse results. We will explain this slowly and with some more weeks you’ll become quite advances in this matter but for now remember.

Testing ”A” Audience and ”B” Audience won’t find your perfect Audience, but analysing the results from both will bring you closer to the perfect ad that will save you tons of money and find the fans that will love you while you sleep.

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