Facebook ads using this audience

As we were seeing before, my possible Audience is close to the ones from the artists I mentioned before, now let’s move this to Facebook Ads inside your Facebook page to test your Audience theory out.

I believe your FB page has already all the information, best pictures possible, some content already posted and a nice visual general situation going. This is mandatory to achieve success. Let’s start A/B Testing.

At the top left, above your profile Picture click on Ad Centre and select Create Ad. Once there, we are going to press on ”Promote your page”

This will lead you to a confusing page where you will start creating your ad. All this process an be done from Ads Manager in Facebook but that place is even more complex than what we are looking for. (In more advanced courses we might use it) For now, this is more than enough!

Here you can see my Ad example by default, there are some things we have to check here, your ”Catchy” sentence is as important as the image or video you put in the ad. I recommend you to let others talk about you, this is called ”The power of Testimonials” and is used by the biggest ones.

When you are looking for a book at the store and is recommended by the New York Times, or that entrepreneur that appeared in Forbes… this leads to people believing more so why not, getting people to join your journey? Consult your sentence with multiple people and be sure that it doesn’t exclude anybody, feels humble when reading it and it gives you the feeling of wanting to be part of something great.

Scroll down on the left bar to find ”Audience”

I learned this trick from Manafest, an artist who is getting tons of results with his music. This is the moment to find out what countries are humble towards new music and they are the cheapest!

Write your Audience, the one you were finding in the page before, but in countries you are going to write India, Nepal and Philippines.

This countries are some of the cheapest towards Page Likes with Price per person, also, their citizens love new music and new artists, this will get the Programatic Bidding* easier towards targeting them.

*Programatic Bidding is the process of Ads being shown to people in less than 0.12 seconds, they choose who to show and where to do so according to your audience and settings.

Choose Men and Women as your audience and then write all the artists you believe might be possible for you to reach their fandom.

Weirdly, I found out that Asian men with darker skin tones were way more eager to support me than the average asian person, I tested multiple times why and apparently they feel ”represented” as my skin tone is closer to theirs. This is an incredible tool to keep your fandom going and get more people to listen to you.

Once you have this, is time to select how much money you want to invest.

Ads can be stopped at any time from the moment they get approved so don’t worry about the amount of money, targeting this countries we will get more than enough results with 1US$!

As we want the Programatic Bidding to work, don’t just write the lower amount or Facebook will straight pass from your add, the second minimum amount is perfect. (Note in my picture $ means Hong Kong $, 7.75$ is equal to 1 US$)

If you have an incredible video, this is the moment to show it, remember this can be a way to get your music videos some attention, but of course the best results come with Compilation videos of your music. Here you have an example: https://www.facebook.com/FerRiveroMusic/videos/514568845823800/

Don’t know how to get this ads? Consider purchasing our Final Cut ProX Video-Editing Course here: https://chuffed.org/project/marketing-for-all

Let the ad run for 24 hours and then we’ll start analysing results.

You can watch this video explaining how the ads work on FB! After that, move to the next page to learn how to analyse and optimise your ads.

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