What’s the best material for your ads?

When talking about Marketing, you need to understand that each platform has their best setting for each type of content. To explain this properly let’s focus on Instagram, their perfect content is a squared image, even though they allow wider images and pictures, at the end of the day people see a squared frame or a Vertical Story.

Facebook ads is no different from this, they have their best settings and to get your ad into everybody’s phones you will need to explore them and use them in your benefit.

Here we let you the best tips for Facebook Platform.

Length of the videos

After tons of testing everybody found out that videos with 1 minute content are the best ones. If you have to post your whole music video online or any related, be sure to write down the proper description to it so people want to watch it fully.

Now… if you are going to create an ad using that video is better to cut the video or song into a 20-60 seconds thing and always putting the hook of the song first. Song beginnings are usually quite lengthy and will get people scrolling away in no time. Remember the example I showed you? I used my best songs at their moment between the Second Chorus-Bridge-Chorus, when you show a song to somebody this should always be the moment you show as it includes the hook and the highest points of the song.

Good Images are a Must

Images are an art and you want to impress people on first sight, if you choose to create Ads using an image, be sure that image represents way more than only your persona, it has to represent your music!

Instagram is of course a great example of this, the way you post and keep your profile Is telling people how messy your music is going to be (Not necessarily true but is the feeling it gives to new people). An Artist with great images will give the feeling of worth-listening music.

Remember to keep the images on FB to a minimum amount of words as the 80-20 rules applies!

Compilation Videos are the best for musicians

As I told you before, a compilation video is probably the best tool you can have out there as a musician (and as an artist in general) This receives multiple names such as showreel, video-book etc…

The goal of the compilation video always is showing tons of incredible material all at once, this is something that has to be done quickly (for example 10-12 seconds of each song’s hook) and properly edited so it looks and sounds smooth. This technique shows who you are in a minute, leaving the new listeners with the feeling of wanting more and then, your link or page is right there to explore and follow.

Find that catchy sentence

The sentence is quite important on FB, this is basic requirement due to the social media having people quick reading and scrolling through tons of content daily. Your sentence has to be an eye catcher, you want it to capture their attention and let them stay.

Finding the right sentences is trickier than it looks, it can be compared to how hard is to compose an email that everybody will open just by reading the title.

I recommend you to explore around google the best catch sentences towards your audience. It will be a turning point for your campaign.

Week 2 Exercises

Week 2 is over but the content inside takes more than a week to practice, it can take years! This is why we will give you some simple exercises before week 3.

  1. Nail your Facebook page to the point where all information looks professional
  2. A/B Test multiple audiences, remember you can have different ones based on purpose of the audience and type of ad you want to create.
  3. Optimise the ads on a daily basis until when the money used is almost equal in number to the amount of page likes (Example: 140HK$ = 1400 Followers)
  4. A/B Test Image ads versus Video ads
  5. Start and finish your compilation video, if you need help with this you can ask our team to do one for you or sign up to our video marketing course.

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