Will’s catalogue will be epic!

Is not the first time we feel like sharing about his music, but each song blows our mind and we couldn’t control ourselves any longer! He is the ultimate EDM artist and each release keeps proving it!

Electronic music with purpose hits way deeper than any type of song and ”Closer” feels like the perfect anthem for any party, specially now that we’re finally going back to our normal lives! When it comes to awesome music Will is no exception. From a really powerful, catchy and well thought instrumental and a perfectly performed, written and delivered vocals with the great talent he has added to the mix! 

”Always on My Mind” does not stay behind, is a solid EDM song that has a female twist and a different Tempo from what Will usually offers to us. Song doesn’t feel repetitive, in fact it feels like quite an innovative track, lyrics catch the listener’s attention and the whole composition is a great masterpiece that definitely will be hitting our playlists for long time!

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