ASTP: Artist’s Skill Tree Program

What is the ASTP?

After years studying music marketing, being inside the industry and working with artists from all around the world I’ve learned something, Labels do more than only promote one song to the extra mile, they focus on fandom growth, branding, Email registrations, merchandise, sales…. and the whole universe that must exists around the artist in order to achieve success. This, goes beyond promoting one song on Spotify, Youtube, etc… Each artist must have a team for him and monthly guidance and milestones as well as new material to keep engaging fans, issue is, when having it, most of them don’t know how to make fans, they just expect listeners to turn into fans.

This is why we wanted to go the extra mile, we created the ASTP, a map with the next 3 months milestones and things to achieve and do in 3 main branches equally important towards achieving a real music career that brings income, performances, influence etc…

This is an example of Fer’s Skill Tree map:

Each ASTP will be done for them specifically, as each one is on a different point of their career. The Skill tree is quite simple, but it gives my team as well as each artist’s team a way to keep order on their goals and bring them new steps and methods they didn’t even considered. Please note, each step and how to achieve it, what’s needed and other matters would be explained with all due process, having me (Fer) behind the wheel making sure each thing is done. This is the only way to succeed in the music industry, having all stones placed in the perfect place without skipping any. How valuable is that?

This would erase the issue for artists being confused about what should be done next for them, what can they do to improve, or why they are not seeing people arriving as they imagined. It gives them a real chance as if they had a Label’s Marketing team and Solid-proof their careers as well as a real fandom. Think, Promoting a song is just one bubble of that entire map.

For more information, please contact me via email or Instagram!

Please note, this service as well as the consulting I do is only available for selected artists of The Algorithm Agency and our official partners.