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Time for ELYMS to shine

Time for ELYMS to shine

With a new release we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our favourite Progressive House artists. His newContinue readingTime for ELYMS to shine
Ottaz: Artist of the month

Ottaz: Artist of the month

A gem in the center of Europe The German artist Ottaz has prepared incredible material for his audience and we’reContinue readingOttaz: Artist of the month
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If you’re interested in hiring us for Motion Graphics keep reading: We create two types of videos, Music, Promo, SocialContinue readingVideo Marketing
The Hologram Blog

The Hologram Blog

The best place to discover new music, new artists and even Digital Marketing tips to make your life a bitContinue readingThe Hologram Blog
Instagram Services

Instagram Services

To Access your Instagram Course + Presets click here! If you are on social media then you must have an InstagramContinue readingInstagram Services
Web Design

Web Design

We have designed multiples websites, for big businesses and for Artists, from books to Medical Companies! All our designs areContinue readingWeb Design
Join the Family

Join the Family

Being part of The Algorithm Agency’s family only has benefits for you. We know that investing in your music marketingContinue readingJoin the Family
About us

About us

The Algorithm Agency is an Freelance Organisation directed by Fer Rivero specialised in Marketing for Artists, Businesses and Entrepreneurs. FromContinue readingAbout us
Her new song sounds wonderful!
Rising star Mychael Jay is killing it!
El artista mallorquín llvna sigue triunfando
A must listen by the rising Portuguese Artist
Bringing the right vibes for you!
The right place to get your music recorded, mix and mastered!
”Stephen Colbert for President?” Hell, Yes!
”White Privilege” by DNDMC or Burden?
Ready to bring your Best Side?
Delivering incredible songs from moment 0
A massive talent in the music industry
Latin music has a new top artist
Capturing Sounds to perfection
And more music with Neøn Bleu, Brad Kemp…
The song we all need to listen
Talented, versatile and with such a style!
Sweet, touching and such an honest sound!
Quite a unique, soulful and deep Hip Hop!
A new Country artists raises!
Incredible cover art, incredible new song!
Incredible new sound experiences!
This is pure Latin Music to it’s best!
Incredible voice, song and delivery!
Because quarantine can be productive!
Her new single has rhythm, passion and strength!
His 6th song is another anthem!
Such a captivating sound, a must listen!
Vibe with him and his whole catalogue!
A new level of incredible in this song!
His elegance and rap is remarkable!
A song to end racism once and for all
Dubstep to it’s best!
The Queen of Grime is here!
Feeling like lemonade?
Massive new album and a new music video!
His voice is out of this world!
His sound will touch your soul too
Motiv’s catalogue is a must listen!
It’s Banana Biz’s Week!! 5 hits with more coming soon!
Platinum Seller and Producer comes with power!
Their Jazz sound it’s so refreshing!
The mix of both artists sound incredible!
Can we get to 10k on his New music video?
Soul filling music that will make you dance!
His unique music should be in films!
Clash of Deadmonton sounds as powerful as MaPa$a’s passion!
The song is catchy, danceable and has an incredible vibe!
They just released their song on such an iconic day!!
For the indie EDM lovers!
The artist delivers an emotional performance!
Who doesn’t want more positive songs like this daily?
His catalogue of Hip Hop is just incredible!
The unique style this duo will leave you speechless
A strong song that will definitely make you move!
The level of production and talent in Shadows is just incredible!
ChaNel and Quarantine are masterpieces!
A song can change the game for anybody
Up to 300US$ in prizes by dancing and posting your dance to ”Dust” or ”BBS” by MrBlackY.P.
Tweakn is reaching big numbers! Go check it out now!
The song will keep you dancing for hours!
Dar.Ra has been captivating listeners for years!
AB Dvinci’s Hip Hop Catalogue should be on all your playlists
B.R.E.E’s album is a must listen! Check for all her music here!
Runaway 2020 by Keith Bravo is out and you’ll love it!
”Day of our Lives” is out! New EP from AjrDual coming soon!
Meet him before the release of his new album ”Feels Good to Be a Weird Kid”
Danny Marcus has a new song and is worth listening!
Ariah Band has a new album called ”The Spire” for all the Metal Music Lovers out there!
Trish Discord recently released an unique Indie/Alternative EP, worth listening!
The Artist that is breaking limits with his music on Spotify!
@FerRiveroMusic surpasses 32.000 followers on his IG! Here you can promote your music!
Thanks to everybody who was part of the Festival! We’ll work on a new edition in the future!
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