Coyote Grooves proves self taught means awesome!

We’re proud to introduce you a different type of artist, somebody whose sound proves his resilience and passion for music. His name is Coyote Grooves and his music can be heard here:

We asked him about his background:

I’m a self taught musician and songwriter who has been in and out of bands for years with nothing to show for it. So I’m taking my hidden catalog of music, I have been teaching myself to record and produce, and for the first time I am putting myself out there. Heading West: An American Oddity is part one of a 3 part story album I have lined up that I am releasing one song at a time. I live right outside of Atlanta, I’m a true rock star who works for a masonry company 😆. I’m hoping to make this a career, I just want to write music and explore the sonic landscape in search or truth.

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