Julian. at his best phase in music

Young, talented, full of creativity and with all his life ahead of him. Hong Kong/Taiwanese artist Julian. is setting a new limit to himself and ”Blind” is the only proof you need to obsess about it.

”Blind” sits vocally at the core of comfort, the artist’s voice blends perfectly in, he plays with it, experiments and the reward will always be the same, success.

The song is about trying to apologise for the mistakes that in a relationship you might encounter, and how much is missed because of it. The instrumentals which really benefit the harmonies from the vocals and create an atmosphere of finding hope, and trying to persevere your emotions as the pain inside of you grows. This feeling builds up to synth arpeggiators and saws which reflect the emotions that julian. was feeling and it collaterates into a beautiful balance of tone and desire.

But the best part from him is not the song itself, for us, his forte comes from the amount of work behind it, how he delivers not only the song, but a lyric video accompanying it.

With such pieces along his career we can’t phantom how the audience will react when listening to him as a great new artist to add to their playlists. Will ”Blind” be the song that changes the tides and make you add him to your On Repeat playlist?


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Julian. at his best phase in music – Reviewed by Taia

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