The 5 Steps to succeed in anything

The 5 Steps to succeed in anything that Companies, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Musicians and anybody should know to succeed.

Over 7 billion people wake up everyday to their lives. For lots of them, they wake up with a vision, a dream, a talent to explore, an opportunity.

Most of those are working towards something big, a business, a job, an idea. But the reality is not all of them will achieve greatness, some of them will fail and quit.

Others will be pushed out of the competition, others will prioritise life events over the purpose they thought was important. Funds will end, laws will get in the way etc…

It doesn’t matter the reality you live in and the vision you have, there is probably somebody fighting for the same and at the end of the day, due to pressure, luck, location, funds, connections, talent, hard work, knowledge and other factors, you probably will have a competition of around 100 people to 10.000 to be really in the game with.

I’ve seen this situation over and over in my life, in fact, Gymnastics was the perfect example of it and you can assign this as an analogy for your life. Are you ready to know The 5 Steps to succeed in anything? Let’s begin:

1. Know your ranking

Locally on any sport or business, you compete with probably less than 200 people. Maybe your thing is Soccer, Golf, Bakery, Software or Singing. It doesn’t matter.

Your city probably won’t have more than that. You move up the ranks, develop new skills and elevate your game, letting 90% away from the chance to beat you due to quality, your talent and new skills. In gymnastics we were already separated from women, reducing the competition by 50%.

(God knows all my female fellow gymnasts would beat me in a snap without that 50% separation when I started.)

Knowing your place here is really important. If your goal is to be the best locally, you only need to stay ahead of the competition and know who they are, their strengths and weaknesses and just keep going, keep working hard and innovating. Time and Life will take most of them out of your league as long as you continue.

Is important to know how far in the game you want to go.

Once you move nationally you discover a whole new amount of competition who probably already figured out their game and the chances of you beating them becomes quite more complex.

2. The ultimate dopamine creator

Think for a moment, your competition might have been in the industry for years, they are way ahead of you towards being known by others, they know by experience how each tiny piece of the board moves. Does this means you don’t have a chance?

No, this means you have a new card in your hand to play: Novelty

As the great Esther Perel explains, novelty is what makes our brain curious, the reason for infidelity. Novelty creates dopamine in our bodies, the unknown is a factor that we seek, novelty brings all eyes to us.

The issues that relationships face most of them times is the lack of Novelty, the falling into a routine, knowing exactly what’s going to happen and how without working into renovating and bringing new life into our systems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to find a new person to please your need of Novelty, the component missing is that some people remain the same throughout their lives, with no aspiration to move from there.

Project this information into your career, life or goals. If you remain the same, you loose the Novelty card. You need to advance, grow, keep learning and innovate constantly. The bigger the competition, the harder the amount of work and the hours dedicated to your craft. Don’t let yourself fall into a routine that is not productive.

You must read, train with others, learn from each failure and find ways to keep renovating the Novelty card.

Move all that info into your now bigger league, the national one. You are a new product in the market and people will be extremely curious about you. Use it in your advantage.

3. Perseverance always beats talent

This is clearly not a surprise, you might have an incredible natural talent for a skill, but that without work would never be enough. We see this daily around the world, from people who are incredible singers to politicians and leaders. The talent is just an extra initial help that without work, it will die in your skill repertoire, remember to write down about this or always come back to check The 5 Steps to succeed in anything.

Perseverance and Hard work will always beat talent until when Talent gets to work hard.

Think of this, I had a natural talent for Gymnastics, I climbed the ranks pretty quick, passing in few years people who were training multiple years before I even started.

The component that was part of my success was hardly the talent, my coaches saw my talent and set me to work daily to improve it. I had lazy days, I had days I wanted to quit but I was never allowed to because I had people behind me putting the work and that inspired me to work harder than my teammates.

After school I was straight headed to training, after training I was going home to eat the right food, stretch the things I didn’t have time for and rest in recommended positions for muscle recovery.

Apply this to your life, maybe your voice is incredible but you’re not putting the right technique or people behind it, teaching you how to use it.

Maybe you have that incredible idea for a million dollar business but you’re not putting the hours neither the team behind it to make your hard work join with talent.

4. Marketing arrives to your life

Continuing the analogy, you go National in your field, competition is big and you have been studying why and how they achieved that level.

You’ve worked hard to compete with those 20–50 opponents and here is when you see that succeeding is closer that you can imagine. Sometimes, Marketing will be needed to achieve this national status, other times, it might come after but remember, Marketing is always needed in your life.

What happens when you are first nationally? If you’re comfy with this position, that’s great. Maybe you’re way more ambitious and open to International goals. That’s a point that can’t be achieved without connections, without proper marketing of your idea and without funds.

Even as a gymnast I got to the point where we needed Sponsors behind us to go to the World Championship and for them to support us, we needed Press outlets interviewing us, we had to perform in multiple conventions where they might be checking. We had the hard work and perseverance part but we were missing the support from the Big Fish.

Remember, Be the last Fish in the Water

In other words, wake up early and work until late. When others go home, stay focused and do 5 more minutes of valuable work. Be in the right places and the right time.

This sometimes sounds weird for my clients. Why do they need to jump into other fields not related to theirs? Nobody became a best seller author without learning sales or having/hiring somebody awesome at sales.

Nobody found sponsors without a proper idea with the right people supporting it and ensuring it will be a success.

Why would somebody invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?

5. Leadership, Motivation and Positive Influence

The biggest of “The 5 Steps to succeed in anything”. Once something becomes a bigger team with multiple people specialised on the fields one can’t control, then you have a business.

As a gymnast I realised way more was happening Behind the Scenes for me to actually set a foot there. It wasn’t only my results and talent.

There were Russian coaches being hired to train me a couple weeks of the year, choreographers from other cities making sure my performance was flawless, connections happening between our association with other national associations… A whole movement was happening and I was at the center of it, but I wasn’t the main character there. I was just another pawn doing its job.

Now, apply this to your goal. Are you trying to build all your empire on your own? Do you really have time to learn each skill needed and perform it to perfection? Should you hire somebody who has the work ethic (or the talent with work ethic) for the fields you can’t cover?

Be a leader, learn how to be one and improve your leadership skills with each good and wrong decision

You will have people who will be uncomfortable, who will quit, who will try to explain you the events on the blind corners of your sight. Don’t stop listening to them and gaining perspective. You might have reach a long way alone, but with the right motivation techniques, you will have this people sharing and working towards the same passion as you.

Be the positive influence in your environment and they will stay with you during the bad times.

Remember, sometimes the issue in your own company, business, career or even group of friends, might be you

Keep this 5 points in mind when building your empire, be sure that each brick is placed perfectly and that each wall being build is solid. They might still be damaged and even destroyed but somebody who built from the ground to the top knows how to rebuild in few days, while others who just jumped in might fail and quit when everything crumbles.

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The 5 Steps to succeed in anything – Written originally by Fer Rivero


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