The Real Power of Growth Hacking Marketing

The Real Power of Growth Hacking Marketing

A long time ago a new article titled “Growth Hackers are the new VP of Marketing” took the world by surprise, forcing thousands of marketers, companies and professionals out of their comfort zones. But what is Growth Hacking?
The Real Power of Growth Hacking Marketing

Each marketer who is considered a Growth hacker might explain this differently, for some, is a mix between coding and marketing, for others, is a person capable of making a brand grow in a couple of weeks in ways others can’t do. Even is described as being related to creating Clickfunnels that make money overnight, but what is the Real Power of Growth Hacking Marketing?

The reality is, a growth hacker is somebody who found new ways to advance their clients marketing to the next level. While old Marketing ways focus on setting expensive ads, big-budget campaigns and placing images all over the place until one works, a growth hacker prefers data-driven strategies that tell almost everything about each move done so far. Smart Ads that are constantly optimized to avoid losing budget. Perfectly crafted touchpoints to get the customer you already got data about to click exactly in the places you designed for them.

Should you hire a Marketer or a Growth Hacker?

Hire a person who is both, or hire one of each in the worst case.

A marketer who has learned all about Branding, big campaigns, old methods, organizational techniques and has made connections to achieve results and then was pushed to adapt to Growth Hacking techniques is somebody who has been evolving with the trends and digitalization.

Still, thousands of companies are stuck in expensive Marketing campaigns that barely work due to employees who refused to learn and adapt to the new skills others learned by themselves. On the other hand, few growth hackers and their unique mindset have built millionaire companies like Dropbox, Hubspot and even Hotmail, finding out of the box ways to get data-driven strategies that can be optimized constantly.

One of our tools is actually Growth Hacking, our Profiler Algorithms can find clients and fans for you daily, target them and make them follow you and capture their interest.

How powerful can be a good Growth Hacker?

To be fully honest, Growth hackers can become millionaires way easier than most people out there. They are capable of creating funnels that make them money overnight, adapt to the trends faster than anybody else and elevate their social presence to levels few can dream of.

Growth Hacking is more of a mindset than a job itself, and the influence and methods these people can reach by just outsmarting the actual systems is a skill that is worth hiring.

Sometimes, what you need is not more money, is just seeing things from a different angle.

What can you ask a Growth Hacker to do?

Common jobs for them include Social Media quick-growing, whether places like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to Linkedin, Reddit or Email Marketing. If they’re talented they’ll find ways to get enough data to create a funnel that will deliver you results overnight.

Other jobs may include finding ways to sell a product on autopilot (a book, an app, an online course etc…)

Are you in need of a brain thinking out of the box? Do you have complex digital marketing questions that need unique solutions? Let us help you discovering the Real Power of Growth Hacking Marketing.

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