Digital Marketing is Not Simple, Learn Quickly How to Not Drown in it

In fact, is becoming harder and harder as more people learn the basics and new tools keep appearing.

Digital Marketing is Not Simple, Learn Quickly How to Not Drown in it

One of the things that fascinate me about my career is how complex it is being on top of each new product, idea, new tool or kid who was born stuck to his phone and has better digital marketing than big companies.

To understand why is becoming so complex first we need to understand that Digital Marketing is not just posting on Social Media, any teenager is going to excel at that better than each adult I know.

Digital Marketing is Branding, Ads, Strategy, Customer Service, Innovation, Reputation, Graphic Design, Community Building, Analytics and even Psychology applied to consumer’s needs and behaviours… and, each step you give towards making your Business, Brand or even yourself a product that stands out in the digital world.

We create and sell a product and most times, we don’t realize that we are a product ourselves once we go into the internet and apply for a job, try to get likes with new pictures or create a Facebook group.

Digital Marketers might excel at one or multiple things, but initially, we study the same that you can learn on a Free Google Course because the reality is without Networking and lots of years of Experience we are similar to any kid with a phone out there.

1. Have a Strategy

A top priority for anything you want to achieve in life would be having the right strategy and unless you know all the people and tools in the market, you will probably be short towards knowledge here. Major companies like Apple, Microsoft, H&M… hire professionals only to design their marketing strategy and these people are able to adapt it easy as results come in.

2. Tools and Contacts are important

As a digital marketer, I’m almost naked without the tools I developed or hired and without the list of contacts who can supply me and my clients with unique opportunities. Want to be in Forbes? We have the guy. Want to record the best commercial ever? We have the videographer. Want to go viral on Instagram? We know the people as well.

Knowing the right people comes from years and years of working and connecting and those opportunities barely happen to somebody who just began in the industry.

3. Ad like a champion

Most times we promote what we like and when creating ads, we do literally the same: If I like this, people will too.

The reality moves far beyond that, you might like it, but that does not mean you’re showing it the way people will end up liking it and Ads reflect this.

Knowing what people like and how they like it is a Must, trends change, the planet evolves and how we deliver a message to the world can make a huge difference.

4. Be realistic towards your goals

This journey takes time, not only from the marketer’s perspective.

Any business, person or product will have to go through KPIs (tiny goals) that we design so we can achieve the next step and without proper market research, investment and branding, the goals might not occur as soon as we expected, leading us to think the product is bad and ultimately quit.

All could have been avoidable with the right goals, the right vision, strategy and branding.

I wouldn’t buy a burger coming out of a freezer that who knows when it was clean for the last time and nobody even verifies what animal is there, with bread that has tons of chemicals to make it last forever and sauces that have been stored for ages but… here we are… having billions of people eating MC Donalds.

5. Learn Marketing from us!

One of our goals has always been educating people to increase their results through good marketing. We count with multiple courses, learning materials and consulting sessions that can make a huge difference for you.

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Marketing has that power.


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