Japanese Rock has a new queen

Sofi Maeda is climbing positions in the market at a quick pace and we are confident about her success due to the incredible quality of her music as well as the attention she is bringing to all her fans and media.

Don’t underestimate her, she is unstoppable and she has been proving it since her debut song ”My Oceans were Lakes” in 2015 until now her most recent Music Video release titled ”Ashita”

(Also her new song on Spotify ”Macfduck” is a must listen!)

”Ashita” means is Japanese ”Yamuna River” and is a named typically given to girls in Japan. In Sofi’s case, her music video introduces a young high school female student who is being treated wrong by other girls around the halls. You can see her struggling to deal with the situation along the video to end up in a really cool scenario we’re going to let you discover by yourself!

Worth following her on all social media!


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