Ending the year with “Passionate” by Nana Araj

Christmas is right here and there is no better way to end the month and the whole year than with a great new release delivered by the wonderful Nana Araj, an artist breaking barriers that kept growing and growing along the year!

We were lucky enough to have a sneak peek of her new song titled “Passionate” before it was out and now that is fully released, is a non-stop vibing to it!

Starting with soft, vibrant and sensual melodies in her song, we find ourselves hooked to “Passionate” and the quality delivered to us. A well-produced and greatly written song that surpasses any expectations and can blend into any playlist without effort!

The way the single evolves and how it raises the right mood to the listener is exciting to then explode into a bigger array of vibrant swag delivered by Nana. Vocals are right on point, her voice feels sexy, attractive and the mix of both is extremely interesting.

Such is the uniqueness of this song that for us it could be considered an anthem that we will keep playing on repeat. For sure, it was added already to our playlists!

The background beat makes the melody feel ethereal, easy-listening and incredible to vibe with, like a perfect song to watch during a gathering to celebrate the new year!

Here is where we find the strength Nana Araj has and we’re left with the feeling of wanting more! We’re able to grasp the bright future ahead and it looks extremely bright!

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